REsIF By Versailles III Luxembourg

Renewable Energies

special Investment Fund.



Shortly RESIF is a SICAV formed Company under Luxemburg Law, agreed by CSSF with ISIN LU1013198145 (institutional investors) and ISIN LU1013198228 (private investors) , created in 2013 and established in Luxembourg, dedicated to invest through EU & OCDE area in:


  • Renewable energy production companies, based on Solar – Hydro – Wind – energies.
  • Saving – Recovery energy engineering companies.


RESIF focuses on electric energy production companies: by hydro-electric, process,photovoltaic, wind turbines & biogas power plants to be implanted on large scaled areas. ( several hectares a plant )


RESIF focuses also to invest in “Hydrogen” production plants companies, producing H2 by use of renewable energy only.

The SIF regime is reserved for well-informed investors, meaning institutional investors, professional investors or any other investor who:


  • Has confirmed in writing that it adheres to the status of well-informed investor; and
  • either invests a minimum of EUR 125,000 in the SIF; or
  • Has obtained an assessment certifying its expertise, experience and knowledge in adequately appraising an investment in the SIF, made by a credit institution within the meaning of Directive 2006/48/EC, by an investment firm within the meaning of Directive 2004/39/EC, or by a management company within the meaning of Directive 2001/107/EC.


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